'Big Brother': Sallie Axl's Sideboob Causes Twitter Frenzy

'Big Brother' contestant Sallie Axl whipped up a frenzy after entering the house on Thursday night - or more specifically, her sideboob did.

The glamour model - who claimed she was all about "t*ts, tats and beanie hats" - not only left the Elstree crowd astounded by her teeny outfit which showed off more than a dollop of sideboob, but Twitter also went crazy.

The housemate quickly earned herself the nickname 'Sideboob Sallie' from tweeters thanks to her revealing outfit.

And Sallie won't be covering up anytime soon, as her suitcase with all her possessions in appeared to be put through the shredder, after People's Puppet, Michael, chose to save his own suitcase over his housemates'. Read more about that twist here.

The model and DJ looks set to be one of the series' most outspoken housemates, and in her VT, viewers saw her claim to have slept with more than 70 women and a string of celebrity men - one of whom the Daily Mail reports is TOWIE's Tom Pearce.

Eight other contestants entered the 'Big Brother' house on Thursday night, including a former male escort and a woman who runs a "gold-digger" website, with six more set to join them on Friday night.

Big Brother housemates

Big Brother housemates

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