18/06/2013 13:00 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Boy, 9, Saves His Brother's Life - Just Hours After Passing First Aid Course

Boy, 9, saves his brother's life - just hours after passing first aid course Wales News Service

A nine-year-old boy has been hailed a hero after saving his chocking toddler brother's life – just hours after he passed a first aid course!

Quick-thinking James Reed leapt into action when he realised his little brother Harri, three, was choking on his sandwich.

The toddler had already turned blue and was struggling for breath, but calm and collected James used the first aid skills he had learned from his St John's Ambulance cadetship and gave Harri a series of strong blows to his back to dislodge the food.

"I had been shown what to do that day but I never thought I'd have to use it so quickly," the schoolboy said. "I could see Harri was choking so I just did what I'd been shown and it worked really well."

The youngster's life-saving skills will be recognised by the St John Ambulance this weekend when they will present him with an award.

The boys' mum, Zara, 34, said she was so proud of her son – and that Harri could have been in real danger if James had not been there.

Zara had been having a cup of tea with her mum as the boys were eating their sandwiches in the next room when little Harri began to choke.

"I heard James shout: 'Mum, mum, Harri's choking'," Zara told the Mail. "I ran in to see Harri was red in the face and starting to turn blue. James had already begun giving Harri first aid and after three strong back blows the food flew out.

"'I'm so grateful that James had been shown the skills needed to save a life," she added. "'If he hadn't have been there the outcome could have been very different. I am really proud of him."

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