Covert Spy Coin Is The Coolest Thing You Almost Certainly Don't Need

Paranoid? Want to pay £16 for a £1 coin? Then look no further.

This Covert Spy Coin by CCS Spy Gear is specially milled out of real currency to provide a tiny space in which to hide your micro SD card.

Once closed they are indistinguishable from real coins and can only be opened with a special opening device - ideal for easily losing your precious information that GCHQ are almost definitely not interested in.

Hide all your most secret info... or just your porn

For added authenticity the coins are also available euros and US and Australian dollars for when your government-evading antics mean you have to up sticks and flee the man watching you from the house across the road.

James Bond wannabes aside, the coins do make a good gimmicky little gift but be careful.

The reviews on Amazon are telling with one purchaser apparently losing his entire porn collection to a gumball machine...