11 'Google Interview' Questions, And How To Get Them Right

11 'Google Interview' Questions

Getting a job at Google is famously difficult - unless you're Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson, maybe.

How difficult? Well, Google has about 1,500 internship positions available in the US every year - and for those it receives about 40,000 applications. In the UK, where Google has a number of offices, competition is equally fierce. Especially when the competition resemble this fellow.

That said, there are jobs going at Google UK. Pages and pages of them, in fact. So if you think you've got Google in your bones, there's no reason not to apply.

As with any highly selective institution, however - whether its Oxbridge colleges or the Civil Service - there are as many horror stories about applying for a job at Google as there are tales with happy endings.

And while most of those stories are told by friends of friends of friends - and may have little basis in reality - they're usually fairly entertaining/horrifying. In Google's case, the tales of the unexpected usually involve confusing logic puzzles, maths riddles or other challenges, which candidates are supposedly asked on the spot.

In reality the interview process is probably a little more straightforward - though still very difficult.

But if you're going to take the plunge, it's worth studying a few of these brainteasers. Chances are if you can't answer them, you might not be what Google is looking for anyway… Here are our top 11 of these puzzles, and how to get them right.

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