Russell Brand Tears MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' Team To Shreds (VIDEO)

Russell Brand is currently promoting his new world tour Messiah Complex. As a result, he appeared on the American TV show 'Morning Joe' on Monday - and once presenters Mika Brzezinski and Katty Kay had stopped giggling girlishly, and Kay and co-panellist Brian Shactman had asked him about his tour, it all got very interesting. And slightly rude. And very funny.

Flirting outrageously (and unsurprisingly), Brand said to Brzezinski: "You've become nervous, why have you become nervous?". And then he turned his guns on all three hosts - primarily because Schactman claimed he couldn't understand Brand's accent and then proceeded, along with Brzezinski, to talk about the comedian in the third person.

"Is this what you all do as a living?!" Brand asked, incredulous - before taking the reins and pretending to host the show himself.

Russell, we don't blame you. You'd never get this sort of treatment from Bill Turnbull and Susannah Reid.

(Via Gawker)