World's Largest LED TV Hits Europe - For £12,000 (PICTURES)

The world's largest LED TV has arrived in Europe - if you have £12,000 spare and a massive living room with an empty wall.

Sharp's 90-inch Aquos 3D telly is more than 1.2 metres tall and 2 meters long.

Its ridiculous XGen panel offers "supreme" image quality according to Sharp - and you'd hope so, since it costs more than a small car.

It has a 1080p resolution, which is good - though you might want to think about waiting for a 4K panel if you're the kind of person who replaces your screen a lot. Which if you're buying this you almost certainly are.

You might also want to check your living room is big enough - both to hold the panel (which weighs 64kg and is 12 centimetres deep) and to watch it from far enough away. Sharp suggests you be at least 3.5 metres from the screen when watching it.

Check out full details of this ridiculous mega-TV at Sharp's website.

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