David Harewood Speaks On 'Doctor Who' Rumours: 'It'd Be Hard To Turn Down'

David Harewood has revealed he wants to take over from Matt Smith on 'Dcotor Who'.

The 'Homeland' star is just one of the names currently linked to the Timelord role since Matt announced he was quitting, and admitted he would find it "difficult" to turn down if producers offered him the job.

David Harewood

Speaking on 'Loose Women', he said: "It would be really difficult to turn down," said the actor. "It's very exciting. It would be very exciting if the phone rang."

However, he admitted he didn't believe he would be offered the iconic role.

"Get the BBC on the phone," he joked. "We should start a pressure group or something!"

Matt Smith is set to bow out at the eleventh Doctor during the Christmas special of the show.

Rory Kinnear is currently the favourite to take over, with reports he has been made a formal offer by the BBC.


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