Ukip's Nigel Farage Attacked With Coke Bottle In Aberdeen (PICTURES)

This is the moment Nigel Farage was targeted by a fountain of fizzy coke by a Ukip protester as he visited Aberdeen on Tuesday.

A month after the Ukip leader was forced to take refuge in a pub in Edinburgh after being confronted by Scottish nationalist demonstrators, Farage was sent fleeing into another watering hole, this time in Aberdeen.

The Ukip leader had stopped to talk with around 30 Ukip activists when a another small group of protesters began chanting "fascist" at the assembly.

Nigel Farage was targeted by a protester

After stopping to talk with them outside the Staging Post pub in Bucksburn, a bottle of coke was sprayed at the Ukip leaders, with David Colburn, chairman of Ukip London, taking the brunt of the fizzing liquid.

The coke 'assailant' was then carted off by police.

The man was arrested by police

Nigel Farage was in Aberdeen Donside to support Ukip candidate Otto Inglis in the by-election, called after the death of MSP Brian Adam.

The party was involved in another gaffe on Tuesday after leafletting the widow of Mr Adam.

Adam's family criticised Ukip for leafleting their house, saying it was both insensitive and showed how little the party knew about the area.

In a statement, they said: "This shows how little Ukip know or care about the people of Aberdeen Donside.

“In an already difficult week for the family, during which we will be reminded of our father as his replacement is elected, it is hurtful that Ukip could be so insensitive - although it does seem to mirror the image they portray.”

However Ukip said it was an innocent mistake and the party very much regretted the error.

Ukip candidate Otto Inglis told the Scotsman he would personally apologise to the family as soon as possible.

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