19/06/2013 07:33 BST

Peppa Pig Facebook Page Hacked With 'Go To Hell' Message

Peppa pig
Peppa pig's Facebook was hacked

The official Peppa Pig Facebook page has been hacked, posting a status ending with the words "go to hell, bitch."

The update, a screenshot of a mobile phone conversation, has since been removed from the Peppa Pig World page, but not before it was shared several times.

The conversation between two people was posted as a picture and said "Love you Josh."

The initial texter then posted "John, I meant John, Autocorrect sucks!"

'John' then responded "love you" but before the situation could be resolved, the original texter said "omg Kaylee i just texted John saying I love Josh but that it was autocorrect and he totally bought it!"

John then replied: "As I said, go to hell bitch."

Angry parents slammed the update. One of them, Morgan-Leigh Cummings, wrote: "If you're posting pics like this why don't you make your own page and update as many piccys as you want,instead of hacking 'Peppa Pig World' so just grow up and get a life!!"

Julie Loader wrote: "The hacker needs to grow up and go find something better to do than hack kids park pages. Get a life!!!!!"

The theme park, based near Southampton, has rides and play areas based on the show which is shown in around 180 different countries.

Peppa pig later posted an apology, saying their Facebook page had been hacked and writing: "Important Information: Unfortunately the Peppa Pig World Facebook page has been compromised. We are looking into the situation asap, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. Many Thanks, The Peppa Team."