Can This Rubber Ring Tell You When The Best Time Is To Sleep, Eat And Work?


Once you get over the Geordi La Forge comparisons (what do you mean you've never heard of him? Don't you people watch Star Trek?), this snazzy headband could be the key to vastly improving your lifestyle.

The band, designed by Melon, is meant to be worn around your noggin while you undertake a number of different activities such as running, singing, dancing, working or doing yoga. The headband comes in three sizes, and the company says: "The headband has three electrodes. Our primary electrode is on the forehead region known as FP1, where Melon can monitor brainwave activity from the prefrontal cortex."

While you're doing all of these activities, an EEG chip in the headband monitors your brainwaves through a sensor. While this is going on, users initiate a session through the smartphone app that comes with it.

You enter the activity you're doing, where you are, the music you're listening to, whether you're alone or in a group and how you're feeling. The sensor maps your mind and then when enough data is collected, it gives you an idea of what works best for your lifestyle.

So that could be figuring out the best time of the day to start work on a big project, listen to music or socialise. If it works, it seems like it could be a much niftier way of using your time efficiently, so that you have a better work life balance.

The mission statement at Melon is: "Daily life can be complicated, cluttered, and confusing. We...believe that when people improve their focus, they feel more mindful, confident, and productive in their everyday lives." Having raised the required amount of money for production, the product could be shipped out in November.

This isn't the first product to use brain sensors to indicate a person's mood - a Japanese company created a set of robotic cat ears that tell other people how you're feeling. (We thought that's what your face was for, but...)

The only downside we can see is having to wear the band itself. It's not going to be an easy one to explain to your boss - and see below for the Star Trek reference...