Jake Morrison, Labour Councillor, Quits After Luciana Berger Spat, And Will Run As Independent MP

One of the UK's youngest councillors has quit the Labour party, after being suspended during a spat with MP Luciana Berger, and says he plans to stand against her in 2015 as an independent MP.

Councillor Jake Morrison, who was elected aged just 18 beating the former Lib Dem council leader Lord Storey for a seat in Liverpool Wavertree, has previously accused Berger, the local MP and shadow minister for climate change, of ill treatment in a number of postings on social media.

Her office told HuffPost UK at the time that the allegations came to light, that they were "completely untrue."

Liverpool Wavertree councillor Jake Morrison

On Monday, Morrison posted a statement on Facebook, saying: "As a working class lad from Liverpool, who is determined to make a positive difference, I have decided to announce today that I will be standing for election in 2015.

"I will be standing as an Independent Candidate for Liverpool Wavertree in the upcoming General Election.

"I am not anti-Labour, I am principled, and believe I can do a better job as the local MP than the incumbent. The Labour Party has shown some leg recently on policies and they don't sit comfortably with me.

"Also the talk of a possible coalition with the Liberal Democrats makes me want to vomit."

Morrison took exception, sent from Berger which said he had "sadly ignored" script training from Arnie Graff, a community organising mentor who worked with Barack Obama.

Liverpool Wavertree MP Luciana Berger

In his resignation letter on Monday, Morrison said: "I am a community campaigner, I don't need a script to engage with members or the public. And if people come to me with issues, my responses do not need to be appropriately agreed by the MP."

Morrison added that he would consider returning to the party in future.