Microsoft Execs Face The Axe Amid Rumours Of Restructure

Microsoft is said to be on the brink of a major restructuring - which could leave several top executives looking for new jobs.

While the company remains outwardly confident, several of its core products have had a shaky reception in recent months.

Windows 8 has sold relatively well, but the response from consumers (and OEMs) to its touch-first interface has been mixed. Windows RT, its tablet-focused version of the OS, has also faltered in the market, and even the new Xbox One has encountered early PR problems since its announcement last month.

Last November Steven Sinofsky, then president of Windows, left the company - voluntarily, he says.

Now it appears Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is ready to make a bigger move. His aim is reportedly to consolidate Microsoft into a "devices and services company", possibly with a simplified structure.

Several top executives could be forced out as a result - though exactly who will go is being kept closely under wraps.

According to All Things D, Ballmer wants to make the changes by 1 July.

Meanwhile Microsoft is preparing its new slate of products - including Windows 8.1 (which will bring back the Start button), the new Xbox and possibly new Surface tablets by the autumn.

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