Richard Dawkins Jumps The Shark With Trippy 'Mutation Of The Mind' Show At Cannes Festival (VIDEO)

WATCH: Richard Dawkins Jumps The Shark With Trippy Presentation

Now, we're no experts. But we're pretty sure that when the people organising the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity chose Richard Dawkins to head up their Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase, they weren't expecting this.

According to the festival website, Dawkins put on a "visual and oral extravaganza". We think that's putting it mildly.

Because Dawkins' presentation is more like a psychedelic drug trip. A psychedelic drug trip which includes memes, genes, brains, owls, SHARKS AND HEDGEHOGS (his caps). Oh, yes.

Click play to have your mind boggled - not necessarily in a 'Isn't the spread of online creativity amazing?!' way, but more a 'What on earth has happened to Richard Dawkins?!' way.

Oh, and make sure you watch to the end. Because that really IS worth waiting for.

Professor Dawkins, we salute you. You and your sharks and hedgehogs. But possibly not your graphic designer.

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