Disabled Mini-Horse Uses Tiny Wheelchair (VIDEO)

And your 'Awww!' video of the day is... this one.

Yes, if your heart was melted by disabled piglet Chris P Bacon, then prepare to have it go all squishy again, thanks to Roozer Brewz here.

Roozer - who's known as 'Roo' - is a two-year-old dwarf miniature horse, born with what's called 'windswept' legs and severe angular limb deformities.

"He doesn't give up or get frustrated with the challenges of everyday life," write Roo's owners on his Facebook page, "he has learned to compromise and if one way doesn't work, then another will."

As is proved in the video above - a short but incredibly sweet clip which shows little Roo learning to use his new temporary wheels. Check out more footage of our new favourite internet star below:

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