Edward Snowden ‘Stuck In The Duty Free Section' At Moscow Airport


Contrary to official reports that he is in the 'transit area' of Moscow airport, whistleblower Edward Snowden is believed to be simply "wandering aimlessly around the Duty Free section" until he is ready to leave Russia.

Reporters wait for a sighting of Snowden, who was seen looking at aftershave

Onlookers say that Snowden was considering purchasing a bottle of Encounter by Calvin Klein before trying at least three other fragrances in Duty Free. He was last seen standing by the giant Toblerones.

"He looked a bit bored, to be honest," one eyewitness told HuffPost UK Comedy. "It's almost like he was killing time."

It is believed that Snowden spent the last of his Hong Kong dollars at the airport news kiosk - where he bought the latest Dan Brown novel, an overpriced bottle of water and a Spanish phrasebook.

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