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Enter the magical land of CHIMA™, where the power of CHI is stored in precious orbs found within the mighty Lion Temple. But now, the crocs have a hunger for power, and Cragger - the reptilian prince - has planned a revolt with the cunning wolf-pack and ravens in tow. Yikes!

The new LEGO® CHIMA™ Speedorz™ (RRP: £9.99) allow you to challenge friends to the ultimate battle! First you build the obstacle and your LEGO vehicle, rip the cord to power up the Speedorz vehicle and race for the battle to win all the powerful blue Chi crystals! Who wins? Let your skill decide...

Each set comes complete with a Speedorz vehicle, five trading cards, ripcord, collectible minifigure, two weapons and one challenge.

With the new LEGO Chima Brickmaster - The Quest for CHI, readers can build vehicles that will help Crawley the crafty crocodile and Lennox the heroic lion go head to head in the race to reach CHI first. Explore the locations, engage the weapons and read all about the history of Chima and why the crocodiles and lions are at war.

Nine lucky winners will each win LEGO® Chima™ Skunk Attack, Royal Roost and Sky Joust Speedorz™ sets, along with LEGO Legends Of Chima Brickmaster - The Quest for CHI and LEGO Legends Of Chima Ultimate Sticker Collection, both published by DK.

For your chance to win, enter your details below before July 19.

Good luck!

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