04/07/2013 08:00 BST | Updated 04/07/2013 08:22 BST

Lamborghini Aventador Seized By Police from Uninsured Qatari Driver Displayed Outside Scotland Yard

Here's a sight to make any self-respecting petrolhead cry into his octane boost.

A £350,000 sports car sits disconsolately, sporting a huge sticker across its windscreen that even Arthur Daley would flinch at for its cheapness.

The £350,000 supercar that's going nowhere fast

'Uninsured vehicle seized by police' reads the message from the Metropolitan Police which is holding a motor show all of its own outside Scotland Yard in London's Victoria.

This particular Lamborghini Aventador with its tasteful and regal purple paintwork was stopped by officers a few days ago who seized the car from its owner, believed to be 24-year-old Nasser Al-Thani, a member of the Qatari royal family. The car, which apparently also glows in the dark in case you can't already see it, was loaded onto the back of a low-loader outside Harrods in Knightsbridge.

But that's not the worst of it. It's now thought the car could be on its way to the crusher.

A Met Police spokesman said the Lamborghini was one of several supercars taken by officers as part of its Operation Cubo.

He said: "We have been seizing many types of cars, but sports cars have been among them.

"We have had a few Porsches, BMW X5s, and a Ferrari - that one got crushed and in fact the vast majority of them are."

Boy racers with a sensitive disposition feel free to quietly weep..