04/07/2013 11:59 BST | Updated 04/07/2013 13:10 BST

Tom Watson Hat-Tips Drenge, Peak District Indie Band, In Resignation Letter

It might be the first time a rock band has been referenced in a resignation letter.

And it's certainly the first time a two-hander from the Peak District whose biggest gig was the William's Green stage at Glastonbury has been referenced in a resignation letter.

But Tom Watson, Labour's most hipster MP (apart from maybe Stella Creasy), signed off his dramatic resignation with a nod to the band, recommending them to Labour leader Ed Miliband.

No, Drenge isn't a skin condition or a Bond villain, they're a Black Keys meets Black Sabbath band who are tipped for big things, making the Guardian's list of bands who are likely future Glastonbury headliners.

Eoin Loveless of Drenge performs on stage at Queens Social Club

Here's five things you need to know about Drenge:

  • They are a pair of baby-faced brothers, Eoin Loveless, who does vocals, guitar and Rory Loveless who drums.
  • They've toured with the Cribs and Deap Valley.
  • Drenge is the Danish word for "boys" because the band are totally into Nordic noir, but not your mainstream Sarah Lund type stuff. Oh no. It's avant-garde Danish cinema that they cite as their inspiration, and heard the name playing football with a gang from Denmark, who shouted the word as a rallying cry.
  • Bloodsports, which was Zane Lowe's Hottest Record In The World Right Now, is an heady garage-punk number with thick riffs, sounding a bit like a stripped down Queens of the Stone Age.
  • Tom Watson probably pissed them off giving them worldwide celebrity. The brothers have said repeatedly they are not seeking fame, and discussed not even releasing an album.
  • But now they probably will release an album.

    Their most recent tweet was this, perhaps a moment of premonition: