Roswell UFO Anniversary: Alien Pet Parade (PICTURES)

Monday marks the 66th anniversary of the infamous UFO “crash” at Roswell in the Nevada desert.

And to mark our visit from the little green men - the good citizens of Roswell have hosted an alien pet parade – featuring little green dogs.

Hounds dressed as extra-terrestrials were the stars of show at the town’s annual UFO festival this weekend.

Alien species: Roswell was overrun with little green dogs this weekend

Back in 1947, the military initially revealed a flying disk had been captured, but changed their story overnight, claiming the craft was actually a weather balloon.

Rumours abound to this day that the occupants of the craft were captured and the military engaged in a cover-up.

If it means more alien pet parades, we’re all for the controversy to continue.

UFO Festival Pet Costume Contest, Roswell, New Mexico


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