08/07/2013 08:15 BST | Updated 08/07/2013 08:15 BST

Be Gone Smelly Underwear, Sweet-Smelling French Pants Are Now On Sale (POLL)

This may just be the best invention ever: sweet-smelling underpants.

The ground-breaking undies, created by French company 'Le Slip Français', smell better the more you sweat.

“You get the underpants and they smell of nothing; you put on the underpants, they still don’t smell, but when you start walking, the underpants smell good,” the company says on French crowd-funding site My Major Company.

man underpants

Mmm... fresh and breezy

The product -- known as ‘The Indomitable’ or the invincible for our non-French speaking readers -- went on sale last week and so far more than 20,000 of the undies have been sold. The product costs 35€ for briefs and 40€ for boxer shorts and is available to buy online.

HuffPost UK Lifestyle are unsurprised by the success of the product. We mean, who doesn't want sweet-smelling nether regions?

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The company was set up in 2011 by 27-year-old Guillaume Gibault and so far more than 20,000 of the undies have been sold.

According to AFP, the scent comes from micro-capsules embedded in the underwear's cotton.

The scent is based on "musk and pears" and will last up to 30 washes, explains Guillaume.

The company raised nearly 19,000€ (£16,380) to develop the project, with supporters exchanging their money for various packages -- from a share of the company to personalised pants.

According to LeLocal.fr, investors are looking to expand to a range of T-shirts, swimwear and trainers.

Say goodbye to smelly gym bags guys, these pants are a keeper.