10/07/2013 09:05 BST | Updated 10/07/2013 13:42 BST

William Hague Calls Labour's Cathy Jamieson 'Stupid Woman' During PMQs

The Conservative front bench could be embroiled in a new misogyny row as the Foreign Secretary William Hague was seen to mutter "stupid woman, stupid woman" at a Labour MP during Prime Minister's Questions.

During a raucous session, Cathy Jameson asked David Cameron in relation to a donation to the Tory party.

Hague, sitting next to the Prime Minister, can clearly be seen to mouth "stupid woman, stupid woman" as the Prime Minister replies.

The foreign secretary later remarked: “I mutter many things in this House… and never intend any offence to any other honourable member.”

"I didn’t hear what Mr Hague was saying but immediately after PMQs I was contacted by constituents and others who were outraged that he was apparently muttering before I had even finished my question," Jamieson told HuffPostUK.

"It would have been better for the Prime Minister to give the House the reassurance I sought than have the Foreign Secretary muttering insults from the sidelines."

Several MPs and commentators tweeted their shock at Hague's response.

Jamieson, Labour MP for Kilmarnock and Loudon, stood to ask: "Perhaps the Prime Minister could tell the House whether Mr Aidan Heavey's donations to the Conservative Party had any influence on the Foreign Secretary's intervention in his company's tax dispute".

Cameron replied, as Hague mouthed off,: "The donations to the Conservative Party do not buy votes to our party conference, they dont buy votes for our leader, they don't mean you can select candidates. That is the unhealthy relationship in British politics..."

A Labour source told PoliticsHome the "streak of sexism in the Tory party runs deep" and highlighted earlier comments by Boris Johnson about women attending university in order to find husbands.

It is not the first time the front bench has been embroiled in a sexism row during the bluster of PMQs. In 2011, Cameron was roundly criticised after he told MP Angela Eagle to "calm down dear".

Shadow chief secretary to the Treasury Angela Eagle, at whom the comment was aimed, said "a modern man" would not have "expressed himself that way".


But a Downing Street spokesman brushed it off as just "a humorous remark".

Cameron himself had to be corrected by Ed Miliband in Wednesday's PMQs as the Prime Minister congratulated Andy Murray as the "first British player to win Wimbledon in 77 years".

Miliband reminded him of Virginia Wade's triumph in 1977.