McDiving, The Latest Student Craze: The New Planking And Milking?

McDiving is the latest student craze
McDiving is the latest student craze

After "champagning" and "milking" swept the student nation, the latest craze for students with too much time on their hands is "McDiving".

The aim of McDiving is simple: after a boozy night out, go to your nearest McDonald's and launch yourself over the counter, much to the amusement of your friends, and the ire of employers.

On the Facebook page there is a helpful and concise description of the "sport" saying: "'McDiving is the new sport of today. It's very simple: You visit a McDonald's and dive over the counter.

"Beware you must be prepared for the wrath of the bouncers."

There's not a great deal we can add, so watch the videos below and draw your own conclusions.

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