11/07/2013 15:09 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

WATCH: Miranda Kerr Sings, Flogs Lemon Tea, Wears Yellow Santa Suit In Japanese Lipton Ad

You know how we fell in love with Miranda Kerr and her baffling but brilliant Limone song in her last Japanese Lipton commercial? Well there is a CHRISTMAS VERSION. Behold!

We have spent many minutes (seriously, you do not want to know how many) watching the video and the best summary we can come up with is as follows:

Santa has crashed his sleigh into a snowy stage set wherein Miranda Kerr was modelling a Christmas-themed range of orange monster oven mitts. Miranda takes the distraction as an opportunity for a quick tea break. A plague doctor from 17th century London is happy to oblige and shares his stash of lemon tea with the model. Then the reindeer turn into people. We haven't really figured that part out yet.

miranda kerr lipton

There's an official explanation below the video but MyDaily doesn't actually speak Japanese. Google Translate thought it could help us out but we're going to assume that either Japanese is really difficult to translate or the real plot makes no sense. Maybe both...


"This time, Miranda Kerr was back to the "Santa Claus" yellow. I was carrying a gift to put sled, I present are scattered on the ground seems to have failed. CM this story is from here. In Santa Claus and reindeer have fallen behind, 'Miranda Santa' as if it did not, humming "dangerousネLimone ♪" anything familiar. Lipton Limone the way, has been renewed is handed, Gollum bite. Miranda Santa delighted to taste lemon at that moment, and around, 'Remonti ~' shine brilliantly. Proposed the 'How to shining world.'"