11/07/2013 16:22 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Watch Out Prince Harry! Taylor Swift 'Desperate' To Meet The Royal

Rumour has it Taylor Swift is dead set on adding a royal notch to her break up song playlist. Apparently, the Trouble singer is pretty keen on getting all over the guest list with Prince Harry when he hits the US for the first time since his naked party in Vegas.

taylor swift prince harry

A source allegedly spilled all to Perez Hilton, saying, "Taylor's desperate to get her name added on to the VIP lists of stars being lined up to meet Harry. She loves everything about him - especially his ginger hair and English accent

"She's dated JFK's great nephew Conor Kennedy, who is considered American royalty, and Harry would be a massive step up from him."

taylor swift prince harry

Does this mean there's no way Tay-Tay and Ed Sheeran (the current redhed in her life) are totes not an item? EVEN after all that duetting together and everything?

Perez's source also touched upon the the ol' T-Ed (does that work?) romance. "Ed is laid-back, but it will be a challenge for him not to get jealous over Taylor's admiration for another richer, ginger Englishman with the same name as one of her ex-boyfriends."

And on that golden note, here's 213 pics of the Prince himself. You can thank us later...