Chef's Saliva And The Truth About Specials: 20 Things Every Diner Should Know


A new book by an industry insider may change the way you look at eating out altogether - Restaurant Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones lifts the lid on shocking behind the scenes secrets.

The revelations include certain top restaurants using a marking system to identify difficult customers, and the tricks used to flog off slightly elderly food by marking it as a special.

The insider information has come from Britain's top restaurant owners, chefs and sommeliers, says the Daily Telegraph, and is anonymous.

Apart from superb presentation, you'll also get a side order of the chef's spit - as one spoon is used to taste all dishes.

Miss Edwards-Jones said: "The chef has tasted and sampled, picked and tweaked, gobbed and re-gobbed into everything on your plate.

"How else was that little violet flower petal ever to stay on the plate?’

However, not all of the secrets will put you off dining out, instead, they are just handy tips. Read on to see which 20 tips and secrets made the book.

20 Restaurant Secrets