Amanda Palmer Says 'Up Yours' To The Daily Mail In Spectacular Fashion (NSFW VIDEO)

WATCH: Amanda Palmer Says 'Up Yours' To The Daily Mail

Hate the Daily Mail? You'll love this!

For it shows American musician Amanda Palmer delivering a blistering riposte to the tabloid paper for its misogyny - and specifically its coverage of her recent Glastonbury performance.

In a piece headlined 'Making a boob of herself! Amanda Palmer's breast escapes her bra as she performs on stage at Glastonbury', the Mail naturally focused on Palmer's appearance rather than, say, performance or musicianship.

And now the lead singer of The Dresden Dolls has got her own back in spectacular fashion, with a video of her performing a song the following Friday at the Roundhouse in London.

'Dear Daily Mail' has now gone viral - not least because Palmer's marvellous 'up yours' sees her suffering the mother of all wardrobe malfunctions: namely, whipping off her kimono and continuing her performance completely starkers. Bravo, Ms Palmer. We salute you.

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