Brixton Squatters And Police Clash Over Mansion Block Eviction (VIDEO)


Clashes have erupted between a group of protesters and police in Brixton, after officers forcibly removed squatters from six mansion blocks.

Bins were set alight as crowds gathered in support against gentrification and what they see as the forced relocation of poorer residents of the area.

Lambeth council has been trying for a number of years to remove the squatters as the buildings are to be sold off to private developers for around £5.5m, the Evening Standard reported.

Some of those living in the building have been there for 32 years (video courtesy of Brixton Buzz)

A council spokesman said: "We are taking action this week because it is unfair on the thousands of residents in need of housing in Lambeth that a small minority have been unlawfully squatting in six mansion blocks on Rushcroft Road, Brixton, and not paying any rent or council tax."

One person was arrested on suspicion of assault and criminal damage, reports the BBC.

The continuing redevelopment of Brixton is seen by some as happening at the expense of people who have lived in the area for many years.

The area is increasingly popular with young professionals and the extra interest is forcing up house prices.

A Foxtons estate agents - seen as a barometer of "yuppyness" - that opened in Brixton this year was greeted with graffiti and tins of paint.

Earlier this month two housing officers were shot as they tried to evict a man from a Brixton home.

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