16/07/2013 08:42 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Eight Months Pregnant Woman And Boyfriend Cheat Death As Truck Crashes Into Bedroom

An eight months pregnant woman and her boyfriend cheated death after a truck smashed into their motel room at 100mph.

Expectant mum Rochelle Watson was lying on the bed and her partner Adrian Smith had just gone to the bathroom when there was a 'big bang' and the SUV vehicle ploughed into their room, knocking the mum-to-be off the bed and pinning her against the wall.

Adrian told local news: "I get up to use the bathroom and right when I get up to use the bathroom, the truck ended up in my room. You know what I'm saying? Just one big bang!"

He said it sounded like the room exploded.

Rochelle added: "If he wouldn't have gotten up when he did he would have been smashed up under that car. It came in right where he was laying."

Rochelle was pinned between the bed and the couch, but luckily wasn't seriously injured. Rescuers had to knock down the neighbouring room's wall in order to get the couple out.

The crash happened in Toledo, Ohio, when 32-year-old Thomas Wallace drove 100 mph through a red light. He hit two other vehicles and lost control of his car, police said.

He hit a lamp post and then smashed into the motel. Police don't believe alcohol was a factor.

After the crash Wallace tried to flee the scene on foot, but police caught him in a nearby K-Mart parking lot.

Adrian said he was lucky to be alive.

"Somebody prayed for me last night or this morning. I'll put it that way," he said.