Jade Goody The Opera? Reality Star's Life Turned Into Musical, 'And The Crowd Wept'

The life of 'Big Brother' star Jade Goody has been turned into an opera.

Jade shot to fame after appearing on the third series of the reality show in 2002 and became a household name, launching perfumes and books and starring in her own reality series. She died of cervical cancer in 2009.

Jade Goody

Now a new production, called 'and the crowd (wept)', will look at her life - and all things celebrity - in a contemporary performance written by former medical secretary Afsaneh Gray.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Afsaneh said: "It's important it's not just about Jade Goody, it's about celebrity."

The opera - three and half years in the making - will feature three 'Jades' who will sing a 'Jade Chorus' and will also feature a 'fairytale' style narration throughout.

Speaking about Jade, director Pia Furtado said: "What a fascinating character whose life was played out in such an already-theatrical way.

"What's interesting about this particular piece was not about her life but how it was consumed and how people reacted to it."

'and the crowd (wept)' will be performed over two nights, on August 1 and 2, at the Tete a Tete opera festival, at London's Riverside Studios.