Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, Apologises As Students Paint Hitler On 'Superhero' Graduation Banner

Thailand's premier university has apologised after its students painted a superhero mural on a graduation banner which included Captain America, Superman and.. Hitler.

The students at Chulalongkorn University reportedly wanted to show Hitler in contrast with the famous comic book characters, but didn't quite pull it off, according to the Associated Press.

The giant billboard, created by first years, was displayed outside the art faculty as part of a tribute to this year's graduating class. The word "congratulations" appeared above Hitler saluting, who stood alongside the Incredible Hulk, Mr Incredible and Batman.

The huge mural which appeared outside the university's art building

In a statement, the university's dean said: "We would like to formally express our sincere apology for our students' 'Superhero' mural. I can assure you we are taking this matter very seriously."

The study of history in the Thai school system revolves primarily around the history of Thailand and its long line of kings. World history is glossed over, with little or no mention of the Holocaust.