Cheryl Gillan's Leopard Print Outfit Mocked By Tory MPs At PMQS: 'Meow' (VIDEO)

Cheryl Gillan's Leopard Print Outfit Mocked By Tory MPs At PMQS: 'Meow'

Catty Tory MPs mocked Cheryl Gillan behind her back during prime minister's questions on Wednesday, as the Leopard Print-clad former Welsh secretary stood to ask David Cameron about High Speed Rail.

Keith Simpson, who is a parliamentary aide to William Hague, was clearly seen (in the video above scroll to 25 minutes) making "rawr" noises and swiping a catlike paw in Gillan's direction as she tackled the prime minister over the controversial rail line.

And health minister Anna Soubry also joined in by raising both hands as claws and directing her own feline purr at the former cabinet minister - as did former education minister Tim Loughton.

The gang's joke was likely to have be directed both at Gillan's choice of clothes and her notoriety for opposing the government's flagship HS2 project.

Gillan's office said she was aware of what was going on behind her, but was "not particularly bothered by it".

The mockery may not help the Conservative Party's image as being out of touch with the concerns of women.

Last week Hague got in trouble after being seen to mutter "stupid woman" at a Labour MP. The foreign secretary later remarked he "never intend any offence".

And David Cameron infamously was accused of sexism after he told Labour front bencher Angela Eagle to "calm down dear" during one particularly noisy PMQs in 2011.

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