Snapdragon Folding Guitar Always Stays In Tune (VIDEO)

A British-made guitar which can snap in half for easy travel - and still stay in tune - has come to our attention. And it's pretty incredible, even for those of us who don't currently have have much need for a way to rock and out and run.

The Snapdragon Folding Guitar builds on the long legacy of collapsable axes, and adds a new level of craftsmanship - and a patented Evertune bridge meaning the rig is set up to play in tune as soon as it's unfolded.

Its makers explain:

"Imagine walking through the snow to your next gig, Snap Dragon Tripper in hand, and entering the venue with three minutes to spare. The place is roasting! Unzip the bag, hit the stage, unfold Tripper, plug in and play. Great sound, great feel, perfect tuning."

The guitar has two humbucker pickups, a "bespoke" neck and a philosophical inventor. How can you not love it?

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