Belgian Shepherd Jany Parachutes With Colombian Anti-Terrorism Squad (PICTURES)

A parachuting Belgian Shepherd is the newest recruit in an elite crime fighting air force unit.

Jany plummets more than 1,000ft to earth strapped to officers leaping from aircraft.

The explosive detector dog makes dozens of jumps with the Colombian force, which was specially set up to counter crime and terrorism at the country’s airports.

Off she goes: Jany plummets to earth

The Air Special Commands task is made up of 90 men and is based at Madrid Air Base, just outside the capital Bogota.

Jany usually jumps with officer Jorge Herrera, and is pictured here with him in the series of shots by photographer Oliver Ehmig.

Ehmig told Solent News: “They were joking and pulling pranks on each other and Jany seemed calm, fully aware that she's going to jump out.

"She was extremely calm during the flight and was euphoric when she touched the ground.

Limbering up: Jany is often strapped to Jorge Herrera for her jumps

"What I enjoy most is the silence before, followed by a collective euphoria among the group after the successful maneuvre."

Brave Jany and her team frequently risk landing in spots planted with anti-personnel blast mines.

Ehmig added: "Only a select few can aspire to be part of the Group of Air Special Commands - the elite of the Colombian Air Force .

"Their members have been through the legendary "Lancer" course, considered one of the most rigorous military training in the world.

"They are highly trained to resolve airplane hostage situations."

Jany The Fearless Belgian Shepherd Goes Parachuting