Boeing Space Capsule, CST-100, Will Compete With Space X For Lucrative Nasa Contract

You may be used to Boeing jetting you off across the world but now the company is aiming to take people into space.

The company unveiled a full-sized test model of its first space capsule, the CST-100, that will sit atop an Atlas V rocket.

Reminiscent of the old Apollo vehicles, Boeing's version will carry seven crew members.

Two were strapped into the model on Monday demonstrate the craft

The only thing missing from the model is a toilet.

Tony Castilleja, a Boeing CST-100 mechanical engineer, told "We have a couple of options.

"It is all about reducing mass, so we do not have a true space toilet like shuttle did because we just don't have the room in this vehicle.

"But there are some design alternatives that we're looking at, from diapers to mechanical devices."

Boeing is in competition with Space X and Sierra Nevada to win a Nasa contract to take astronauts into orbit.

An artist's impression of what the craft will look like

Since the retiring of its space fleet, Nasa has been paying Russia a small fortune to do the job for them - £41 million a seat.

Boeing is no stranger to building space equipment.

They built the Saturn V S-IC first stage, and designed and built the lunar roving vehicle that was used on Apollo missions 15 through 17.

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