23/07/2013 16:41 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Do You Send Your Ill Child To School?

Ill child PA

Do you send your children to school when they're ill? If you do, then you are most definitely not alone - a survey has found that four out of 10 working mums makes the decision to send their youngsters to school as usual if they are complaining of being ill.

2000 mums were surveyed by the dietary supplement company Haliborange, who found that quite simply, employed mums felt they could not take the time off work to care for their sickly child because they feared it would cost them their jobs.

The study found that 23 per cent of mums would choose to send their youngsters in, and then await a phone call to collect them, rather than just taking the day off.

A whopping 25 per cent said this was because they were genuinely worried they could be sacked from their jobs if they were perceived as taking too much time off for childcare.

And almost a quarter said that if they DID have to go and collect a sickly child from school, they worried about their subsequent workload, with one in five mums saying they felt guilty that colleagues would have to take over their work, whilst 13 per cent claimed their bosses made them feel guilty for their absence.

It's no surprise then that overall, three quarters of the mums surveyed said they tried to avoid taking time off at all costs, hence the four in 10 who admitted sending their kids to school ill...

Do you knowingly send your kids to school when they are unwell because of work commitments?
Do you think it looks 'better' at work if you get a call to collect them, rather than just taking the day off?