Giant Mirrors To Bathe Rjukan, Norway, In Glorious Sunlight During Gloomy Winter Months

Norway may have lush fjords, epic glaciers and incredible mountains but there is one significant thing one town lacks for months every year - sunlight.

The town of Rjukan is shielded by the Gaustatoppen Mountains meaning gloomy winters are standard.

But a new project involving massive mirrors will illuminate the town square in glorious sunlight.

The square is to be turned into an ice rink

Three giant mirrors positioned atop the surrounding mountains will be controlled by computers to keep the square bathed in sun during daylight hours.

The project will cost 5 million krone (£502,210) but should be more effective than the current alternative - a cable car to take people out of the mountainous shadows.

The idea was originally proposed a century ago by a worker at the nearby hydroelectric plant but technology back then wasn't advanced enough.

Inspiration for 'The Mirror Project' came from the town of Viganella in northern Italy which already has a system installed.

A delegation from Rjukan visited to asses its feasibility.