Husband Throws Away Life Savings His Wife Hid In Refrigerator (VIDEO)

A woman in Queens, New York failed to tell her husband their life savings were stored in their refrigerator before he sent the appliance to a scrapyard.

Magda Castillo retuned to the site in a desperate attempt to recover the money but was told it would be impossible to find the cash. She left without leaving her name.

Good samaritan and employee Michael Downer of Atlantic Recycling took it upon himself to find the fridge and found it pinned between two cars. He then used the media to track down Mrs. Castillo.

"If somebody loses something and you can help them, help them. It don't cost me anything to help her find her money," Downer said.

Mrs. Castillo gave Mr Downer $300 to thank him for his efforts and has now moved their life savings into a bank account.