Curiosity Mars Rover Photographed From Nasa Reconnaissance Orbiter In Spectacular Picture

LOOK: Curiosity Rover Pictured From Mars Orbit

It's been a good week for amazing views from space - first it was the Earth from Saturn and now this little gem.

Can't see it? It's the tiny blue dot towards the bottom slightly right of centre.

For scale, the two parallel lines of the wheel tracks are about 10 feet (3 meters) apart

If you look carefully you can also see it's tyre tracks as it makes it's way to its primary mission destination of Mount Sharp.

Also visible as two larger blueish dots near the right-hand side of the picture is the landing site of the rover where its jets cleared away dust from the surface.

Curiosity faces a challenging many-month trek to Mount Sharp through some rather perilous sand dunes that threaten to permanently trap it if it makes a wrong move.

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