Blog Of The Week: Manchester University Student Damilola Ade-Odiachi's Ramblings Of A Madman


Damilola Ade-Odiachi

Age: 23

Education: Where and what you’re studying (or if you’re an apprentice or recent graduate, what you’re doing now): The University of Manchester BA Hons Economics and Social Studies

Twitter: @Afam20

What’s your blog all about?

My blog is about my life as told through the fingers of my alter ego, Afam. Afam's my middle name. I thought it would be cool to gain a degree of separation from the blog so that people that read it wouldn't immediately think that they knew me, as they only know the me I write about. It's about the very ordinary things I get up to. I go to university, I listen to music, I wear clothes, I use the toilet and I go on adventures. It's also about my friends. Without them it wouldn't be possible. A good summary is that it is about the way I see the world. My lenses aren't the best but they are mine and I think that counts for something.

Describe your blog in three words

random charitable hogwash

Why did you start your blog?

To quote Keane, "Everything was changing and I still felt the same." The blog was my way of dealing with it all. In the beginning it was like a quadruple shot of nostalgia but later on when my exams were done, I realised that I had nothing better to do so I started blogging about everything and anything. If I read a book, I'd blog about it. If I went clubbing and something silly happened, I'd blog about it, and if I had a bee stuck in my bonnet, I'd share it on the internet. I suppose you could say that in the beginning it was a coping mechanism and then it became a hobby.

What makes it different from the rest?

It's like a magical bag of tricks, because my readers literally have no idea what's coming next. Most of the time even I have no idea what's coming next. Sometimes it's funny, and sometimes it's quite serious. I end every post with "Happy Days" and that's something not very many people do. (I know because I've checked.)

Damilola Ade-Odiachi is HuffPost's student blogger of the week

Who would be your dream guest blogger?

Stuart Heritage. He blogs for the guardian television section most of the time. He liveblogs the Xfactor and the Voice. He is funny in the best way possible. His sense of humour is just so dry.

What was your last blog post about?

My last blog post was about the instagram character called lavish. He's very special indeed. He's made a lot of people angry by posting pictures of him doing truly ridiculous things like tying a few thousand dollars to a helium balloon and watching it float away. Even though I do not condone his behaviour I am not enraged by it and I explain why in the blog post.

What’s been your “blog highlight”?

I wrote "Hogwarts and unicorns: The trip to Lagos" and asked Stewart Heritage to read it. He did, and he liked it. I wish I had saved the tweet, but it's gone to the place where old tweets go to die.

Another highlight was when alpha rings followed me on twitter, visited the blog within minutes, and hired me to blog for them a few minutes after that. That was pretty spectacular. I spent the rest of the day in shock. My last highlight was the rebuttal I did to Adaobi Nwaubani's article, In Nigeria you're either Somebody or Nobody.