Baby Panda 'Rice Meatball' Pictured In Taipei Zoo

She’s less than a month old and she could not be more gorgeous.

Meet Taipei Zoo’s newest addition, a female panda cub temporarily nicknamed ‘Rice Meatball’ thanks to her rotund appearance at birth.

The little bear, born on July 6, is a veritable labour of love after parents Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan endured seven rounds of artificial insemination.

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'Rice meatball' has a snooze at Taipei Zoo

On Monday Taipei Zoo published pictures of the tiny cub on its Facebook page to keep viewers up-to-date with her progress.

The tiny bear is set to remain under wraps from the public for a further six months, The South China Morning Press reports.

Although she has been pictured resting in an incubator, she is being fed by her mother and zookeepers are taking turns massaging Yuan Yuan’s breasts and extracting colostrum milk for the baby, the Taipei Times revealed.

China sent the pandas to Taiwan in December 2008. The two sides split amid civil war in 1949. The animal's named combined mean "reunion."

Yuan Yuan

Baby Panda 'Tuan Tuan' At Taipei Zoo