New Cheap IPhone Might Be Called The '5C' According To Leaked Packaging Photo

The New Cheap iPhone Will Be Called The '5C'

We already know it might come in a range of disgusting colours and now we might know what the new cheaper, plastic iPhone is to be called.

A photo that surfaced on Chinese blog, appears to show a bin full of what looks like packaging for an iPhone 5C.

Could it be genuine?

As always with the myriad of rumours that surround any Apple product launch the picture is impossible to verify and could be a load of rubbish.

But then again it could be genuine. It is in keeping with previous packaging designs. That's about as much as can be said with any certainty.

Apple are rumoured to be releasing a cheaper, plastic version of the iPhone later this year that could retail for as little as £65, as well as an update to the standard model which may well be the iPhone 5S.

You'll just have to wait and see...

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