30/07/2013 12:06 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Cool(Ing) Science Activities

The UK is hot, hot, hot at the moment, so today I have some fun and cooling science activity ideas for you.

My favourite is exploring melting and mixing of colours by making slushy drinks with fruity ice. Or you could freeze water in a balloon, and see what happens...

Can you make some lovely summery ice?
Or, how about making some ice cubes and finding out where they melt the fastest.

If you have a paddling pool why not try one of these activities while you are splashing around.

You could take some sponges and flannels outside and explore absorption.

Do you love ice cream? How about making some Ice Cream Soup.

What about having some lolly stick races?

Explore absorption and properties of materials with this fun activity using a LEGO man.

Finally, what about testing objects to see whether they sink or float.

Do you have any other ideas? Can you think of something you could do with water balloons?

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