Job Advert For Time Travellers Posted On Gumtree (PICTURE)

A man in Kent has posted an ad for time travellers on Gumtree.

The ad - officially a job offer, titled "Back in time" and described as a "temporary" contract - called for "good fit candidates" to join the poster on a quest through time.

The employer - who was anonymous - indicated that he had previously made the journey across the temporal plane himself, but was now too old to travel across the ages.

He posted the ad as part of a search for a new generation to make crypto-chronological sojourns in his stead.

Applicants, who had to be over 25, were warned that while weapons would be supplied for the mission, "your life will be in your own hands".

It was not specified exactly what the aims of the mission would be. But the ad did say that "you will be paid when you retune [sic, return?]".

The minimalistic advert concluded, somewhat mysteriously, that "if you obtain and information that is used to profit from you will be held accountable for your actuation [action?]".

The ad also came with a helpful illustration depicting a type of worm-hole - presumably the mode of trans-temporal transport to be used by successful chrononauts.

Unfortunately, if you didn't see the advert in the 12 hours that it was published on the site you've now missed your chance.

Almost immediately after HuffPost found (and screengrabbed) the ad, it was rendered inaccessible - indicating that it fell afoul of Gumtree's rules around ads related to almost-certain nonsense. (Perhaps this guy knows something about it - though it's not quite up to his standard.)

Then again, maybe the vacancy has already been filled. Or will be. Or was last week.