30/07/2013 05:34 BST

Veebot Robot Will Draw Your Blood Better Than A Human (If You're Brave Enough To Let It) (VIDEO)

If you don't like needles then this could be your worst nightmare - a blood-sucking robot.

But before you run away and vow never to enter a medical practice with such hi-tech instruments of torture, it's makers believe this might actually make the process smoother.

The Veebot, the robotic phlebotomist, uses an automatic tourniquet, infrared light, ultrasound and a fancy camera to select the most suitable vein from which to draw blood.

Better or worse than a human?

Then it inserts a needle to what you pray is the right depth and the whole process is over in around a minute.

Currently the Veebot is on a par with its human counterpart with around 83% of procedures successful.

Its makers hope to get this up to 90 per cent which, when you consider there are 2 million 'needlestick injuries' a year in the US, represents a considerable number of non-bloodied arms.

The Veebot is the brainchild of Princeton graduate, Richard Harris.

Currently it is still in the prototype stage but he hopes to secure outside funding when the success rate is high enough to start clinical trials.