Paperboy Remake Has 3D Graphics, Virtual Reality And An Actual Bike (VIDEO)

Most retro video game remakes are pretty unambitious, perhaps adding some new graphics or the ability to share high scores. But Paperdude VR is different.

An (unofficial) remake of the classic arcade and console deliver-em-up Paperboy, the game has the same essential premise - cycle through a street, and deliver papers accurately while avoiding obstacles.

Except its 3D. In virtual reality. With Kinect-enabled throwing gestures. Oh, and a real bike.

The game uses the developers' edition of the Oculus Rift 3D VR headset, along with some clever Kinect hacks and other shenanigans to build the rich, mutli-sensory effect. It sounds like a blast. Take a look above, or watch the video below to be reminded why you loved Paperboy in the first place.

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