01/08/2013 08:19 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Drinking Mirror: What You'll Look Like If You Have Ten Drinks A Week For Ten Years

Thursday - reportedly the new Friday when it comes to going out after work and getting wasted at the pub. One cheeky drink becomes two, become three, becomes... Well, you see where we're going.

But - gasp! - apart from the damage it does to your liver, booze seriously wrecks your face if app Drinking Mirror is to believed.

The program shows you what you'll look like if you have 10 or more alcoholic drinks a week in 10 years.

And although Team MyDaily is pretty tame on the boozing front we couldn't resist finding out what the worst case scenario would be if our inner Lohan took control.

Beware, it's not pretty...

Sara McCorquodale, 30, Editor of MyDaily, says: "I don't drink very much (I have an almost tee-total husband, my own willpower is disastrously weak) so I tend to have a couple of glasses of wine on a Friday, but that's about it. This is a great deterrent basically because a) I'm so vain and b) I'd hate to think all of those lotions and potions I use being negated by booze."

Katie Jones, 26, Deputy Editor of MyDaily, says: "This photo makes me very happy that my university binge drinking days are well and truly over. However - although this picture fills me with horror - it's not going to stop me enjoying a glass of white wine with dinner. Fingers crossed my wrinkles and rosy (boozy) red cheeks are NEVER going to look quite like this".

Daisy Sitch, 25, Style Writer of MyDaily, says: "So this is an app I probably won't be downloading. EVER. Whilst I'm not a preeny kinda gal (no beauty/ hair regime what so ever) a glance at myself 10 years down the line, after 10 drinks a week, was a shocker. That said - I say embrace what you love doing, and I'm definitely not ready to give up my (atleast) 10 G&Ts a I'll deal with the wrinkles and blemishes when the time comes."

Ellen Stewart, 23, Celebrity Writer of MyDaily, says: "I find it hard to grasp the concept that I'll look anything like this at 33, even if I were necking 10 plus drinks a week, smoking 20-a-day and possibly dabbling with banned substances. I definitely drink more than I should, but this app probably isn't going to have any effect on my booze consumption. After all, I'm 23, what else am I meant to do on a Wednesday evening if I'm not shotting tequila at the bar? Joking."