01/08/2013 09:14 BST | Updated 01/10/2013 06:12 BST

Man With Allegedly Stolen iPhone Is Auto-Uploading Pictures Of Himself To The Internet

A German woman whose phone was stolen while she went skinny dipping with friends in Ibiza was surprised when - days later - photos started turning up on her Dropbox account.

All the pictures were of a man she didn't know, who apparently lived in Dubai and had a taste for selfies.

That's when she realised: not only had the new eventual recipient of her phone not wiped it clean before use, he hadn't even turned off the auto-upload-to-Dropbox function on her camera app.

So now she's publishing everything he uploads on Tumblr. Obviously.

On her website - "Life of a Stranger Who Stole My Phone" - the author writes how she lost her phone after leaving it on the beach while she frolicked "hopelessly drunk" in the sea.

"Apparently some guys with night-vision glasses hid in the dunes, waiting for drunk tourists to leave their belongings somewhere unobserved," she claimed.

"Then they crawled through the sand, stole the stuff and walked away like nothing happened."

"Back in Germany, a few days after christmas, 4 month after the ibiza trip, i turned on my computer and noticed fifteen new pictures inside my dropbox camera upload folder. Long story short: the thief of my smartphone didn’t delete my dropbox app, not to mention my login data. that’s why I can see every single photo he takes on my computer."

Above: The woman has now built up what she alleges is a pretty good resume of the man who now has possession of her phone.

Known as "Hafid" - a name she says she gleamed after he attempted to "hit on me" via Facebook, the new owner of the device apparently lives in Dubai.

Among the images he has posted so far include himself at a theme park, pictures of what looks like a tailoring business, and - you guessed it - himself at the beach.

He's also posted some pretty egregious selfie shots, some pictures of himself standing next to a bling oldsmobile and having a - actually, quite pleasant-looking - tea party with his friends.

Obviously we can't confirm the details of the story - though we have been in touch with the author via her Tumblr page.

But if true it's a pretty interesting case study - and a lesson perhaps for anyone who loses their phone in future: check your Dropbox. You might strike Tumblr gold.