Top 10 Wall Clocks For Your Child

After my recent post on teaching your kids the time, I had a browse around online for fun wall clocks for the bedroom, to help continue your child's education. I was spoilt for choice, with a wide range of bright, fun clocks with clear numbers to make reading the time easier.

This cities wall clock on the right, is £45 from Habitat,and has the times for New York, London, Paris and Tokyo. This will help in understanding not only time but also different time zones, and can also be beneficial if one of the parents travels a lot for their job!

Here are a few wall clocks for your little boy or girl:

Spring butterflies wall clock , (left, top row) £29.95,

Disney Princess Clock (centre, top row) £7.99, Argos

Butterfly Wall Clock, (right, top row) £24, John Lewis

Cupcake Clock, (left, middle row) £26.99,

Custom clock, (centre, middle row) $50, Etsy Seller WoodVioletStudio (name is customisable)

Scooby Doo Clock, (right, middle row) $9, Etsy Seller CamelotClocks

Mickey Mouse Clock, (left, bottom row) $9.99, Etsy Seller klcdesigns11

Pink pencil wall clock, (centre, bottom row) £15, House of Fraser

Present Time Photo Family Clock, (right, bottom row) £21.51, Amazon