02/08/2013 09:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Six Hollyoaks Storylines You Thought Were Ridiculous

Oh Hollyoaks, what a ridiculous show you are. Even so there's nothing better than sitting down of a weekday evening and watching an episode for the first time in a gazillion (yes it's a number) years. Why? Because you're bound to find yourself immediately sucked into an outlandish storyline...

1. When David "Bombhead" Burke's mum died and he kept her body on the sofa.
He pretended she was still alive, did her dry cleaning and cooked her meals... Then he started hallucinating. It was all very strange.

2. Craig and John-Paul's affair.
JP was official in love with Craig and he just acted like a little brat playing with his emotions all the time. It was SO unfair. Humph!

3. Who pushed Clare Cunningham?
It was like who shot Phil Mitchell ALL OVER again. Well done Hollyoaks for nabbing a tried and tested EastEnders storyline. Everyone thought it was Warren (of course!) but then good ol' Mercedes comes forward and gives him the perfect alibi - she spend the night with him. Duuh, duuh, duuuuuuuh!

4. Rhys and Beth's incest.
Gilly's fiancee Beth was a naughty girl and started playing away with Rhys. Then they found out they were BROTHER and SISTER!! But still couldn't resist each other.

5. When Carmel and Calvin's marriage broke down and she decided to become a nun.
Enough said. 6. Newt's schizophrenia.
This storyline saw some dude called Eli rock up and tell him to do bad things. Turns out Eli was in his head.