04/08/2013 12:31 BST | Updated 04/08/2013 12:34 BST

Clegg, Cameron And Miliband On The Beach: Poll Ranks Party Leaders In Their Trunks

Were you just imagining Nick Clegg wearing speedos? You are now.

The Liberal Democrat chief is the party leader the British public would most likely to see in his trunks, according to an unusual opinion poll by the Mail on Sunday.

Clegg easily topped the list, with 47% opting for him ahead of Ed Miliband (27%) and David Cameron (26%).

nick clegg shorts

We'll leave the shorts to the imagination

It's not clear why, but Clegg was also deemed the most likely to 'take his wife to a nudist beach'.

Miliband was seen as the most likely to leave his passport at home (despite Cameron having once left his daughter in the pub), while the Prime Minister is apparently the most likely to cheat at beach cricket.

david cameron cricket

Is he cheating?

Unfortunately for the PM, of the three he was also the man Brits would least like to sit next to on the beach.

But there was better news for Dave in the serious bit of the poll, as voters would prefer him to Miliband in US-style presidential election, despite Labour's eight-point lead.


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